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Sell your exceptional home furnishings to design lovers who'll appreciate and value them.


Complete our simple online form, share your story, take good photos and press the “Submit” button. That’s it! Chairish takes care of all the pesky logistics of payments and assist with the shipping. You can sell items on Chairish from anywhere in the continental United States.

Transform your exceptional pre-owned furniture into money you can use elsewhere. Chairish makes selling easy as pie.

If you choose to use our Concierge services, our team of Chairish professionals can write descriptions and take photos of your items.

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Common Seller Questions

What types of items does Chairish accept?

We aim to stock Chairish with what our design-oriented buyers will want to purchase: exceptional and unique home furnishings — of all eras and styles, with great design quality and the interest and charm a bit of history can give it. Our primary criteria are that pieces are stylish, in good shape and offered at a great value.

Many pieces listed on Chairish are designer, custom, antique, or high end modern and vintage pieces from the likes of Knoll, Herman-Miller, Christian Liaigre, Ligne Roset, B&B Italia, etc.  We also take non-branded items with great character.

We currently only accept home furnishings. All items must have a minimum listing price of $250 for larger items and $150 for items that are shippable via traditional methods, such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Due to laws governing the sale of "used" or "secondhand" items, we are unable to accept mattresses, convertible sofas/sofa beds or recliners.

We aim to have the majority of furnishings on Chairish in “like new” to “good” condition.  If you have truly exceptional pieces that may just need a little love and repair, tell its story and provenance and we’ll give it serious consideration for our Rehab Clinic.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept everything for sale and reserve the right to decline any item or request more information before listing. It may not be a reflection on the piece as we may just have too much of a particular item or style.

Tell me more, how do I sell on Chairish and what does it cost?

There are two ways to sell on Chairish detailed below. Anywhere in the continental United States, the primary way to list is via our Standard Service. If you live in selected metro areas, we have Concierge services available. In all cases, Chairish will handle payment and assist with delivery of your items to the lucky buyer.

1. Standard Service

Key terms:

  • Sellers write listing and take photos.
  • Sellers keep possession of their items.
  • Listing is free and there are no obligations – you can delist an item at any time.
  • Sellers get 80% of the item selling price, with Chairish receiving the remaining 20%
  • After 30 days we may suggest or require that you lower the list price by 10-25% to encourage sale.
  • $250 ($150 for Decor) minimum listing price per item.

To get started with Standard service, complete a simple three step process HERE. This includes measurements and a chance to really tell the story of your piece. Talk about materials, its history, and more. The better and more complete picture you provide to the buyer, the more likely you are to have a successful sale without a return. Include photos that are well-lit, capture all-important angles, and show any damage on the piece.  Chairish will review your item and generally respond within 24 hours to let you know if the item has been accepted.  From that point we aim to have all accepted listings edited, live, and available for sale on Chairish within 5 business days.  

2. Concierge Services:

Photo Services

Requirement: You must have over $1000 in items that have been approved for concierge services by Chairish.  Available in selected metro areas.

Key terms:

  • Chairish professionals will measure, write the description, and take photos of your items.
  • Sellers maintain possession of their items.
  • Free listing for each item.
  • Sellers get 60% of the item selling price, Chairish receives the remaining 40%.
  • Concierge listings are generally good for 60 days with an automatic 25% price reduction after 30 days.  After 60 days we may work with the seller to significantly lower the price to encourage sale.
  • $500 minimum listing price per item.

To initiate Concierge services, please email us at least one photo of each item you’d like to sell on Chairish to: and include your contact information. One of our helpful Curators will get right back to you with further information or to schedule an appointment.

Who sets the price of an item?

You set the "asking price," but we reserve the right to use our data, expertise, and knowledge of the market to suggest a price that will help you move your item more quickly.

Most furnishings lose 30 - 70% of their retail value very quickly after purchase. We're here to help you recoup some of that investment easily vs. giving those higher quality pieces away, putting them into storage, letting them sit in your garage or basement, or hauling those items to a traditional consignment shop where you generally get charged a 50%+ commission plus transportation costs.

If an item doesn’t sell or attract interest, we may also come back to you and suggest a price reduction, but whether you take our suggestion or not is up to you. For Concierge customers, we schedule a 25% price reduction if an item has not sold after 30 days.

How does "Make an Offer" work?

All offers are "verified offers". A verified offer is essentially like making the seller an “All Cash! Sell it now!" offer. 


As the seller, when an offer is made, one of two things will happen:

1. If you've set a "reserve price", and the offer is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the offer will automatically be accepted and the sale is complete.
2. If the offer is below the reserve price you will receive an email with 3 easy choices. All you need to do is decide how you would like to respond and click on your selection.

Accept - Offer is accepted and the deal is done
Counter - You will be asked to provide the amount that you are willing to accept
Decline - Offer is declined and the buyer is immediately refunded

We always recommend that our sellers accept or counter all offers. By declining an offer you are essentially canceling a sale.


As the buyer your credit card will be charged for the full sale price when the offer is made and, if the seller accepts the offer, the deal is done. We have found that when presented with a confirmed offer, sellers are often compelled to sell things even cheaper!

To make verified offers as attractive as possible to sellers we require:

1. All verified offers be at least 70% of the initial asking price (i.e. $700 or greater on an item listed for $1,000).

2. All offers be paid in full by charging your credit card at the time the verified offer is made. If the offer is accepted, the charge stands. If the offer is not accepted or countered, we automatically refund you in full immediately**.

Upon receiving a verified offer, the seller has 72 hours to accept, decline or counter the verified offer.

**Please note: It may take your bank or credit card company 3-5 business days to post the funds back to your account.

What is a "Reserve Price"?

The reserve price is the minimum you are willing to accept for each listing. The reserve price is not displayed publicly but when a customer makes an offer it will determine whether or not you will automatically accept the offer or be asked to either accept, counter, or decline the offer. Any offers above the reserve price will be automatically accepted.


Your listing has an "Asking Price" = $1000

Your listing has a "Reserve Price" = $900

Customer makes an offer = $899 or less - Seller can either accept, counter or decline the offer

Customer makes an offer = $900 or greater - Offer is automatically accepted and the sale is complete

How does shipping work?

Furniture Sales - White Glove Shipping

When an item sells our white-glove service provider will contact the seller within 5 business days to schedule a 4-hour window for pickup. It's as simple as that.

Chairish partners with a limited number of trusted, high quality white-glove shippers with years of experience in moving high-end, antique, and better home furnishings. A typical move will involve two uniformed service providers who inspect and blanket wrap the item at pick-up.

Accessories and Smaller Items - Standard Shipping

For smaller items — including most accessories (lamps, linens, pictures, art, rugs, pillows, etc.) and some small furniture (end tables, small cabinets, stools, etc.) — after an item is sold, we will provide the seller with a pre-paid UPS shipping label. The seller is required to have the item properly packed and shipped out within 3 business days.  

Packing Your Sold Item for Shipping

Sellers are responsible for any material or labor costs associated with packing their item(s) for shipping and for any damage that occurs during the shipping process.  **For those sellers who are not comfortable packing their own items we suggest that you take your sold item to an authorized UPS shipping center to have professionally packaged prior to shipping.

Chairish ships items anywhere in the continental United States. More details may be found at our Shipping policy page.

How does payment work?

To protect our buyers and our sellers Chairish collects payments from buyers at the time of sale and holds the proceeds until after confirmation that the item has been picked up or delivered safely to it's new home.

Payments are sent out weekly for orders that have closed the previous week. 

An order that has been delivered is considered closed after an item has been delivered and the 48 hour return window has passed.  See our Return Policy for the details.

When local pickup is selected a sale is considered closed as soon as the purchased item has been picked up by the buyer.  To expedite the payment process please respond to your order confirmation email or send us a note at to confirm once the pickup has taken place.

A buyer may inspect their purchase and refuse or cancel an order at the time of pickup but there are no returns after a pickup has occurred. If this happens just let us know and we'll get your listing reposted for sale on Chairish right away.

Can Chairish help with photos and descriptions?

Absolutely! For qualifying clients we offer our photography service; a Chairish representative will come to your home to measure, take pictures, and write an item description for your pieces. Our service offerings are described in more detail above.

For Standard Listing approved items, Chairish can help "white out" the background of the main picture if needed. Just send us your best pics!

Great pictures will help your item sell. We recommend taking several well-lit shots of all angles and close-ups of any damage or wear and tear.

Please upload original, unaltered images. Photos that have been edited with a watermark or a photo effects filter of any kind are not suitable for publishing on Chairish.

5 tips for taking great furniture photos!

  1. Clear all accessories that are on or around the piece of furniture.
  2. Turn off the flash! Use natural light, but not direct sunlight.
  3. Find a simple, uncluttered background.
  4. Use different angles.
  5. Include photos of the entire piece as well as key elements, and include any damage.

What do returns mean for the seller?

To create a fair marketplace Chairish buyers have 48 hours following delivery to choose to return an item.  Assuming the seller is not at fault, the buyer is responsibly for all outbound and return delivery charges and will not be refunded until their purchase has been returned to the seller in good order.

Seller Responsibility

The best way to ensure that sales are final is to be accurate, clear, and honest about the description and condition of your item. Include clear, well-lit photos that capture all angles and any (even minor) damage.

Our buyers are happy to pay for quality items at a fair price, it’s best to go the extra mile of being diligent in your listing description and photos so they’re thrilled with their purchase.

If Chairish determines there was gross negligence or misrepresentation by the seller of an item, we will charge the seller for both outbound and return delivery charges.

In the unfortunate case a buyer decides to return an item, know that it is a difficult decision. The buyer has paid for delivery of an item to their home and is now paying for that same shipment method back.

Note that this return policy is in effect unless otherwise agreed upon between Chairish and the buyer or seller.

How long is an item listed?

Standard listings are good for for as long as the seller has the item available for sale and Chairish feels it should remain active on the site. After 30 days we we may suggest or require that you lower the list price by 10-25% to encourage sale. Experience tells us that for most items not sold in the first 30 days the price is too high for consumer demand.

Sellers are required to maintain their listings to ensure that all items listed on Chairish remain available for sale.  If for any reason an item is no longer available you must log into your account and remove the listing immediately.

Concierge listings are generally good for 60 days with an automatic 25% price reduction after 30 days.  After 60 days we may work with the seller to significantly lower the price to encourage sale.  

The above policies are in effect unless otherwise agreed upon between Chairish and the seller.

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