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Chairish is an online consignment marketplace for design obsessed people to buy and sell exceptional pre-owned home furniture and decor. Our mission is to make the world more beautiful, one room at a time and save people money in the process.


Common Buyer Questions

How does Chairish work?

Taste makers know that the best pieces are often vintage.

Chairish has a team of curators who cull the market to find exceptional and unique pre-owned home furnishings. In our marketplace you will get access to gently used furnishings of all types and styles, from “like new” items to pieces with great bones that may just need a bit of love. Our primary criteria are that pieces are stylish, in good shape and offered at a great value.

With access to one of a kind inventory direct from the owner, you get great value, a wonderful piece you can talk about, and the benefit of buying direct from the person who owns it - which means you get the full story and a price that will give you bragging rights to boot.

Who pays for shipping and how much does it cost?

Buyers pay the cost of shipping to their home. Shipping costs for furniture and decor vary widely depending on the size of the item and distance. Generally, shipping within a local market, like the San Francisco Bay Area, is substantially cheaper than moving an item across the country. However, our prices are often so attractive that many people still find the total cost of an item on Chairish less expensive than from local dealers, even after including the cost of a long-distance move.

For larger item deliveries, Chairish works with the best white-glove movers to deliver items anywhere in the continental United States. All items are carefully wrapped or packed by professionals to ensure they are delivered between buyers and sellers on time and in great condition. For smaller items, Chairish also utilizes traditional shippers like UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

For complete information, see our Shipping policy page.

How long will it take to receive an item?

Delivery times vary based on the size of the item and the distance shipped. For smaller items or local deliveries, it typically takes a week or less. For larger items going across the country, shipping generally requires 2-4 weeks. Chairish will provide you with a shipping overview upon sale and will provide you with the delivery company name and tracking updates when your purchase is scheduled and on the way.

What does "Local Pickup Option" mean?

This is a great and FREE choice! “Local Pickup” means that buyers can skip shipping costs altogether by picking up the item themselves. This option is available and noted for items on the product page. Most of the items available for local pickup are Concierge items located in one of our warehouse locations, but may also be self listings where the seller is willing and able to accommodate customer pickup. If you are interested in local pick up for an item that is not marked as such, please email us. We’d be happy to find out if pickup is possible.

How do I know the condition of an item?

Because we sell pre-owned furnishings, we know that giving shoppers clear information on the condition of an item is essential. We do this in two ways.

Firstly, every single item is classified according to our 5 level condition ranking:

  • Like New - Like on the showroom floor, or better!
  • Excellent - Minor blemishes that most people won’t notice.
  • Good - Moderate wear and tear, but still has many good years left.
  • Fair - Has lived a “full life” and has a distressed look with noticeable wear.
  • Needs work - Great bones, but will need re-upholstering or more.

Secondly, we have a Return policy! Knowing that any item can be returned makes sure sellers describe their item accurately, including any flaws. For more information, see the our RETURN POLICY.

Can I return a purchase or cancel an order?

Yes and Yes!

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel an order if you contact us before the item has been pick up by our shippers.

Returns: You can return an item within 48 hours of delivery. In the event of a return, the buyer will be charged for any shipping costs incurred both to and from the buyer’s location in lieu of a restocking fee.

For more information, see our RETURN POLICY.

How are items priced?

Chairish is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers directly, eliminating the middle-men and multiple mark-ups typically found in the industry. This means that Chairish list prices can be significantly lower for buyers and at the same time sellers still take home more money than is possible elsewhere.

We encourage sellers to list their items at 25-30% of the Estimated Retail Price and we adjust up or down from there, based on age, condition and popularity of a particular style.

What does Estimated Retail Price mean?

“Estimated Retail Price” is either what the seller believes the piece sells for new today, or in the case of vintage or discontinued items, what the seller believes the piece would sell for at a local dealer.

While Chairish does make an effort to identify obvious errors or misrepresentations, Chairish is not a valuation expert and relies heavily on the information provided by the seller. Estimated Retail Price is provided solely for convenience purposes and you are of course encouraged to do your own price research.

Are items insured?

Yes, items are insured with repair or replacement insurance from the time they are picked up from a seller until the time they are delivered to you.

How is my payment protected?

To make sure both the Buyer and the Seller are satisfied, Chairish collects payment from the Buyer at the time of purchase and only releases payment to the Seller after the 48 hour Return Policy window has expired.

Is there a difference between Standard and Concierge items?

As a buyer there really is no difference.  Chairish offers two options to sellers, Standard and Concierge services. With Standard, the seller writes the description and takes the photographs before Chairish approves the item for sale. With the Concierge service Chairish physically reviews the item, takes the photographs, and writes the description. 

For more information on selling on Chairish, see our handy SELLER GUIDE.

What is the “Rehab Clinic”?

The Chairish Rehab Clinic is the part of our site where we feature interesting pieces with great bones, but that just need work. We see a growing number of home owners and decorators who love to customize or recover items to make them just right. Personally, this is our favorite way to decorate, so enjoy!

How does "Make an Offer" work?

All offers are "verified offers". A verified offer is essentially like making the seller an “All Cash! Sell it now!" offer. 


As the buyer your credit card will be charged for the full sale price when the offer is made and, if the seller accepts the offer, the deal is done. We have found that when presented with a confirmed offer, sellers are often compelled to sell things even cheaper!

To make verified offers as attractive as possible to sellers we require:

1. All verified offers be at least 70% of the initial asking price (i.e. $700 or greater on an item listed for $1,000).

2. All offers be paid in full by charging your credit card at the time the verified offer is made. If the offer is accepted, the charge stands. If the offer is not accepted or countered, we automatically refund you in full immediately**. 

Upon receiving a verified offer, the seller has 72 hours to accept, decline or counter the verified offer.

**Please note: It may take your bank or credit card company 3-5 business days to post the funds back to your account.


As the seller, when an offer is made, one of two things will happen:

1. If you've set a "reserve price", and the offer is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the offer will automatically be accepted and the sale is complete.
2. If the offer is below the reserve price you will receive an email with 3 easy choices. All you need to do is decide how you would like to respond and click on your selection.

Accept - Offer is accepted and the deal is done
Counter - You will be asked to provide the amount that you are willing to accept
Decline - Offer is declined and the buyer is immediately refunded

We always recommend that our sellers accept or counter all offers. By declining an offer you are essentially canceling a sale.

Who are the people behind Chairish?

See ABOUT US to learn more about the Chairish team and founders.

Does Chairish have a mobile app?

Yes! Chairish's iPhone app lets design lovers buy vintage decor from one another. Learn more about our iPhone app or download from the App Store.

Is Chairish available everywhere?

You can buy or sell on Chairish from anywhere in the continental United States. Our Concierge and Concierge Plus services are available only in select areas (see above for a full list), but we will be adding more regions soon!

Other Questions?

Contact us at

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